Human capital

The company has more than 250 professional employees who service dozens of customers from the public and business sectors, as well as more than one million subscribers.
All company workers provide a carefully formulated solution to every problem, with uncompromising excellence and a high standard of service that reflects the company’s values and organizational culture.
Uricoms views its employees as a strategic asset, a critical tool for ensuring a high quality service and the key to realizing the company’s vision.

Ever since its inception the company has invested in its human capital
in a number of ways:

  • Study days, courses, training sessions
  • Closing skill gaps and strengthening existing skills
  • Supportive work environment
  • Motivating workers to strive for personal and team excellence
  • Actively involving the workers in the company’s business activities and successes.


Uri Shklover – CEO
“Uricoms’ workers are its most important strategic asset; we owe the company’s success to them,” says Uri Shklover, CEO, owner and founder of Uricoms.
Shklover began his professional career by setting up Uricoms as a family business. Over the years, since the founding of the company and even in the present, as a limited company and strategic partner of international companies, Shklover has consistently demonstrated unique management values, uncommon in the business world. He encourages his workers’ and customers’ involvement in all stages of the company’s development, relates to everyone on a personal basis and is highly accessible to all.

Uri Shklover, CEO and owner
Chen Shklover – vice-president
Ilan Mazor – vice-president operations
Benny Vaknin – partner and chairman of the board
Olga Shklover – HR
Gabrielle – secretary, Projects Department
Vitaly – head of Projects Department
Iris Leibovitch – marketing manager
Evgeny Leibovitch – manager, Low Voltage Department

Strategic partners
Uricoms attaches great importance to its business partners and views them as a synergetic force that boosts the company’s success.
Ledico and its mother company Bosch enable the company to supply its customers with a superb portfolio of solutions and services.

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