Uricoms (Shklover) Infrastructure and Communications Ltd. are experts in setting up and maintaining advanced security infrastructures for internal and external areas. The company specializes in designing and installing cameras, alarm systems, entrance and building inspection systems, and in integration of different products. All our advanced systems and products are purchased from leading manufacturers only and are matched to the needs the customer, taking into consideration the size of the premises, the space, openings, target audiences (such as visitors and workers), special dangers, and challenges etc.
Special emphasis is placed on extensive training of the professional staff and on planning and analyzing customer requirements, which constitute the platform for a comprehensive professional system.

Among the solutions we offer:

  • Installation of alarm systems
  • Installation of entrance and building inspection systems
  • Installation of safety and security systems (BIS), including engine and communication protocols, based on an interactive graphic interface that incorporates CAD maps
  • Installation of smart security systems for the agricultural sector, including analytics (smart image analysis) for warning and tracking purposes

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