Fire safety

Uricoms (Shklover) Infrastructure and Communications Ltd. are experts in the design and installation of fire safety systems and smoke and heat detection systems, for early detection of fires and operation of appropriate warning systems. The company installs fire extinguishing systems, sirens, emergency generators, automatic notification alarms, emergency lighting, fire door closing system, dampers, operation of safe elevators, smoke fans etc.
Our safety systems are designed to prevent disaster. In large offices, factories, public institutions or private spaces, prevention and safeguarding workers or visitors depends on the careful design of the detection and extinguishing systems and smoke control, in accordance with official standards and requirements and the needs and characteristics of the building.
The design, operation and maintenance services provided by Uricoms are carried out, without exception, in compliance with the strictest Israeli and international quality and fire safety standards.

Among the solutions we offer:

  • Design, installation and maintenance of burglary and fire detection systems

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